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The mission of Long V

Excellent engineering, design the future

The vision of Long V

Achieve 100 years of career and realize the dream of life

The core values of Long V

Honesty, pragmatism, and cooperation

The talent view of Long V

Loyal, pragmatic, professional and enterprising

Long Venergy saving

   NanjingLong VEnergy Conservation Engineering Co., Ltd. is a technology-based private enterprise established by building materials industry technical experts and business elites. The company was established in November 2008 with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. Scope of business: technical consultation and research and development, engineering design, equipment development and sales, general contracting and project supervision of building materials, cement engineering and low-temperature waste heat power generation; integration and sales of industrial electrical and automation systems; research and development and sales of energy-saving engineering, environmental protection engineering and waste treatment technology and related equipment; and various traders. The import and export of products and technologies (except for goods and technologies stipulated by the state).

Product display

NanjingLong Venergy saving Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

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